My architect asked me to get a survey. What kind of survey do I need?
Most likely your architect needs a topographic map (site survey)  in order to design a new residence or to design a remodel of an existing residence. The topographic map will show any existing features on the property, as well as showing the contour lines , property lines and easements.


What are some types and the costs of surveys?
The most common types of surveys are topographic and boundary surveys. 
A topographic survey will determine the elevations of the property, along with showing features, such as: structures, fencing, walls, tree trunks and oak tree drip lines, utilities exposed or flagged at the surface, and curbs or pavement. The topographic map will also show the record property lines and easements as listed in an owner supplied title report and public records.

The cost of a topographic survey depends on three factors:

  1. Lot size
  2. Terrain and visibility (lines of sight)
  3. Recovery of existing survey monuments of record